Which one is better; Skin Boosters or Dermal Fillers

While filler and skin boosters are both made of a similar substance, a hydrophilic sugar molecule that is a naturally occurring substance found in our bodies, fillers and skin boosters are a replica of this water loving molecule.

The Main Difference

Dermal fillers focus on restoring volume loss, contouring and lifting and augmenting features and lifting lines. Unlike filler, skin boosters can be applied superficially all over the face and are used to hydrate your skin and focus on dehydrated areas that can occur from dry skin and ageing. 

Skin Boosters

Skin boosters suit all skin types and all ages however, ageing, dehydrated or dry skin types can really benefit from this treatment. Your injector will numb your skin and perform microinjections in the dermis of your skin with a very soft skin booster, which boosts your own skin plumpness as well as stimulates collagen. They may do this via a mesotherapy gun or by hand. The goal of this treatment gives you a glowing, hydrated appearance because it plumps those pesky fine lines and wrinkles and has given your skin a massive drink of water! 

Skin boosters are also excellent for improving skin texture and tone and also improve acne scarring. Your injector can place micro droplets in targeted areas such as under your eyes and around your mouth and even your neck and back of hand. It is a low risk and very effective treatment to add to anyone’s treatment plan.

For best results skin boosters are best done monthly for 3 months and from there additionally treatments can be done every 6-12months.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler on the other hand, works by volumising deficiencies and lifting the skin. You can have soft, medium and hard fillers depending on indications and what area of the face you are wanting treated. Because we lose subcutaneous volume and our bones dissolve over time, filler is an excellent saviour to stop ‘the sag’ but also to augment areas of concern to you such as thin lips or flat cheek bones.

The depth of injections are different to skin boosters as the injector can place the filler down on bone to recreate bone or sub dermal to accentuate features. The filler injected not only is a water loving agent but it also contains lidocaine – a local anaesthetic that helps make the injections more comfortable for you.

Even though filler indications and depth differ from skin boosters, they still very much improve skin texture and tone as well as tighten and firming the skin.

Can they be used together?

Yes, they are often used together and can be injected on the same day

Both can improve the signs of ageing and help patients with their journey to better-looking skin.

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