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When we think about beauty and health as one functioning system, that’s what wellness is. Clear skin, shiny hair and good looking are all things we associate with beauty because they’re indicative of health.
Dr. Bita K.

Naturopathic Doctor

naturopathic services
naturopathic services
naturopathic services

Naturopathic Medicine in Burnaby

Digestive System

- Celiacs
- Constipation
- Diarrhea
- Heartburn
- Hemorrhoids
- IBS & More

General Conditions

- Cold & Flu
- Fatigue
- Weight Management
- Stress & Tension
- Low Energy
- Insomnia & More...

Pain Relief

- Headaches (migrains, stress...)
- Muscle Pain
- Arthritis
- Back Pain

Skin Care

- Acne
- Eczema
- Hives
- Rashes
- More...

Women's Health & Hormones

- Hypo/Hyperthyroid
- Diabetes
- Decreased Libido
- Menstrual Cramps
- Menopause
- Prenatal Care
- Yeast Infections

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Popular Naturopathic Services


Proven and painless techniques to help relieve stress, pain, headaches and more.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques to increase circulation, reduce pain and more!

Cosmtetic Injections

Certified techniques to help you look younger, increase natural proteins and promote a refreshed look!

Food Sensitivity Testing

Find out how the RMA FST™ IgG Food Sensitivity Test can identify sensitivities and take the guesswork out of your diet.

IV Therapy

Vitamins, amino acids and minerals in combinations to improve a variety of conditions including sleep, immunity, hydration and skin issues / hyperpigmentation.

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