Naturopathic IV Therapies: types and benefits 

From Myer’s cocktail to intravenous vitamin C therapy, here’s a look at some of the IV therapies available and how they work.

We live in times when environmental pollutants, stress, poor diet, nutrient-depleted soil, and overuse of medications lead to low energy levels and chronic health conditions. In this scenario, IV therapy is gaining popularity as a preventative and therapeutic treatment for many health conditions. IV therapy is seen as an effective way to replenish nutrients, support metabolic processes, optimize health, and improve existing health conditions.

Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy is an infusion of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are delivered directly into the bloodstream. As the procedure bypasses the digestive system, higher concentrations of nutrients are delivered directly to the cells. These nutrients are then used by our cells to increase energy production, help metabolism, enable detoxification, and support the repair and healing processes of the body.

What health conditions IV Therapy treat?

IV therapy can help several health conditions including adrenal fatigue, burnout and chronic stress, chronic fatigue, detoxification, fibromyalgia, headaches/migraine, poor immune function, athletic support – rehydration and recovery, acute or chronic infections (colds/flu), Crohns/colitis/mal-absorption issues, hormone imbalances, anxiety and depression, weight loss & metabolism, and allergies.

What’s the difference between Oral supplements and IV?

When we take vitamin supplements orally, they are absorbed into the body in the small intestine. Absorption is impacted by factors such as stress, chronic disease, and gut inflammation. IV therapy bypasses the whole digestive and absorption process and delivers nutrients directly to the cells of the body via the bloodstream. It results in quicker results compared to oral supplementation.

Is IV therapy safe?

Overall, IV therapy is safe, and is generally well tolerated by most patients. Before the therapy, a detailed health history is needed to check whether IV therapy is appropriate for each individual. IV therapy makes use of sterile equipment and materials to reduce any risk of infection. IV therapy can result in local swelling, bruising or irritation of a vein. It’s important to have your naturopathic doctor monitoring you through the treatment.

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