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When it comes to needles puncturing the face, fillers and cosmetic injections may now form our main association. However, acupuncture has been used in a cosmetic context for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

While facial acupuncture can refer to the treatment of acupuncture points on the face for varying health and wellness concerns, cosmetic acupuncture specifically relates to acupuncture for aesthetic purposes.

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What do we focus on?

While any cosmetic acupuncture treatment would be highly personalised, below are some of the key concerns that can be addressed with the highly specialised treatment:
We offer 10 minutes free Gus Sha Scraping Massage with one session of facial/cosmetic acupuncture!

Through a micro-wound healing response, it addresses multiple factors of ageing – from smoothing lines, to enhancing the firmness and volume of skin. Unlike cosmetic injections, cosmetic acupuncture can influence the health of the skin, working on more than the superficial signs of premature ageing.

While it can be considered a natural alternative to other aesthetic interventions, cosmetic acupuncture also works nicely in tandem with injectables that limit muscle movements and lymph circulation. Acupuncture can also increase oxygenation levels through microcirculation which can aid detoxification and help prevent facial puffiness.

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