Cool Contouring & Fat Freezing in Burnaby

Long Lasting Results Without Downtime

What is Cool Contouring & Fat Freezing?

Cool-contouring is a non-surgical procedure that reduces fat by using a non-invasive instrument that cools your fat to freezing temperatures. The technology behind cool-contouring has been proven to reduce fat cells for long-lasting results. It has the ability to target several trouble areas for both women and men with the most popular zones for fat reduction being the love handles, stomach, thighs, beneath the neck, back, and chest. At most skincare clinics, one session will take about one hour, and a 20% reduction of fat per cool-contouring session is the average. No recovery time is needed once this body contouring procedure is done.
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What Do You Need to Know?

Compared to other fat-reduction treatments, the side effects of cool-contouring/Cryolipolysis are practically non-existent. You’ll feel a tugging sensation during the treatment as the doctor placed the freezing panels around your desired fat-loss areas. It’s also normal to feel stinging, aching or other discomforts two weeks after the treatment, which will fade on their own.

In the three to twelve weeks that follow the final cool-contouring/Fat Freezing treatment, a reduction of an average of one to three inches of fat can be expected, depending on the client’s fat density. As long as you continue to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right, the effects of cool-contouring will last indefinitely. Sounds too good to be true? Well, cool-contouring works to kill fat cells, not simply shrink them or move them somewhere else.

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What are the Benefits?

Is Cool Contouring & Fat Freezing for you?

Are you looking for effective, long-lasting results, to finally get rid of that dreaded fat? Then fat freezing is for you.

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